Blondes in the wind

Drinking beer has never been so trendy ... A 52-year-old Israeli has developed a gluten-free blonde made from chickpeas and dates. Allergic to this ingredient, the man, sociologist of his state, has resolved to find an alternative to classic malty beverages. He first made it for his personal consumption, before opening a micro-brewery in Karmiel, in the north of the country.

And now, we are getting off!

The wave of selfies may take the water. The trend that is emerging on social networks is to take his feet in pictures and not his face. Not on fan-toed mode at the edge of a sandy beach - which is nothing original, for once. But in a more classy way.

They grow a vegetable garden under the sea!

In Noli, in the north-west of Italy, diving enthusiasts test an underwater farm eight meters deep. After basil in spring, these farmers with masks and bottles started to grow tomatoes, strawberries and mushrooms. Protected against insects and temperature shocks, their installation also has the advantage of being water efficient.

When the pee is lying, it's strong

You really want to pee? Wait. If you have a big story to tell, now is the time to do it before going to relieve yourself. In any case, this is what the conclusions of a California State University study entitled "Controlling the bladders make better liars" claim.

Composing in chorus

Becoming Paul McCartney, finally almost, is possible thanks to Crowdsound, an experience that offers Internet users to contribute to the development of a melody. The principle is simple. On a frame of chords (do / sol / the minor / fa, on 18 measures), one is invited to vote for each note of the melody.

A lawn painted ... pant

Would Californians get a hot shot? Faced with significant restrictions due to the endless drought that plagued the Golden State, they found a way to keep a lawn presentable: the lawn-on paint. From the crimson yellow, we move to a beautiful green that is reminiscent of the flawless English lawns.

Ants, not so hardworking!

By studying previous studies on anthills, biologists at the University of Arizona realized that about half of them seemed inactive ... and wanted to know why. In the field, near Tucson, they collected five colonies of the variety of ants of the corner, which answers the sweet name of Temnothorax rugatulus.

A new prehistoric ascendant scorpion

It measures between 1.50 m and 1.70 m long. He has forceps capable of grasping prey the size of a fist. In short, we would not like to come face to face with diving. Let's reassure ourselves, that will not happen. This scorpion of the seas - or Pentecopterus decorahensis, its scientific name - haunted the seas of the globe in the Paleozoic era, 460 million years ago.

Dressed for the winter?

Name: Chris. Origin: Canberra, Australia. Special sign: 41 kg of wool on the back. In early September, this beautiful wandering specimen was saved from certain death (merino wool causes hyperthermia and infections if the animal is not regularly mown) by a local association for the protection of animals.

The restaurant without server

We already knew the supermarket checkouts without a cashier. The Americans invented the restaurant without a waiter. At Eatsa, San Francisco's new organic and trendy canteen, everything is automated. We order on one of the iPads placed against the walls. So, what do you prefer? A quinoa bowl of Mediterranean or Indian inspiration?

Donald, Daisy, Tom & Jerry ... what have they become?

The characters of Walt Disney, created for the most part between 1930 and 1940 by the studios of the same name, cross the ages without taking a ride, at least on the screens ... Nevertheless, they display well 75 to 87 years on the counter in 2015! Based on this observation, Andrew Tarusov, an American illustrator of Russian origin, decided to draw the heroes of our childhood taking into account the effects of time.

Unusual: dirty bath!

It is the dream of your grandchildren who moan when the time of the toilet rings: to live without taking a shower. Dave Whitlock, a Cambridge chemistry professor in the United States, experienced it for twelve years. To see the pictures (we did not feel the smell), this scientist seems yet all that is clean.

Art or crochet?

There is no age for street art. And the hook is not necessarily a sofa activity. That's the lesson Grace Brett, a 104-year-old Scottish girl, has given us to redecorate her city with woolen works made by agile hands. Telephone booths, benches, mailboxes, bridge guardrails, and 46 sites in the commune have thus taken a welcome color under the often gray skies of Scotland.

When artists mix images

This photographer and director of an advertising agency in Atlanta (USA) also has his fad: he creates offbeat images by assembling two shots photographed with the same background (he does not use editing software). We talk about "mashup" for this concept of mixing visuals as we do with music tracks.

So pretty bacteria ...

The very serious American Society for Microbiology has organized an unusual competition among its researchers: to create a work based on their working tools. Thus, equipped with their Petri dishes and an arsenal of yeasts and bacteria, like the famous Escherichia coli, microbiologists were invited to create and photograph their living compositions of a new kind.

Will you be moved to tears?

Is it a snowflake, an Ebola virus or an egg? Neither one nor the others. This is a tear magnified under a microscope and photographed by the Dutchman Maurice Mikkers. To check if our lacrimal secretions differ from one person to another, this young man of 29 years made his friends cry in his studio.

In a truck, Simone!

Are we getting a truckload this weekend? No, we do not invite you to feast in one of these highway restaurants at very attractive rates. But to travel on a truck. In the manner of Bla Bla Car - you know this carpool site to the 20 million users claimed - a Norman of 25 years, Victor Clément, had the idea to put in relation of anonymous taken of wanderers and chauffeurs- road.

Little brown bear, the new Mr. Weather

If at St. Eloi (December 1, so) you burn your wood, you will be cold for three months. You do not even have to wait until then to know if the winter will be harsh or not. We have found better than the popular sayings to predict the weather: the bears of Thoiry Zoo, in the Yvelines.

Creativity never dies

All Saints' Day is not the hottest time of the year. And yet death can be a breeding ground of very fertile inspiration. Proof by four projects that made us die of laughter ... or almost. I'll go picnic on your graves. In the Philippines, people eat, talk and play in cemeteries.

Damned, a frozen zombie!

In England, Halloween is serious. In the days leading up to the traditional Anglo-Saxon celebration, the British chain of supermarkets Tesco has trapped its customers in a hidden camera. In a small film of 90 seconds the sign shows the reactions of a dozen onlookers who came quietly to do their shopping, before being confronted with ... a pair of bloody hands in full butcher's department, a haunted shopping cart moving alone between aisles, a severed head popping up in the middle of the toilet paper bundles.