Help, we take my car to the pound!

Aie! You parked by accident outside the exit of a garage. And when you return, you find that your vehicle is threatening to be removed. If your car still has four wheels on the ground, you arrive on time and can still recover it immediately (article R. 325-12,17 and 38 of the highway code).

A pile completely shaken!

The flashlight that does not work when you need to go down to the cellar, the TV that refuses to light up at the time of our favorite program, the signal "low battery" that taunts us while it is Sunday and that the shops are closed ... we all lived these annoying situations where the batteries let go.

We are redoing the film of our 80s

Ah, the shaky, a little greenish image and the breath of the good old VHS tape of the 80s! It had its charm. Admit that you feel a bit of nostalgia when you look at your old camcorder-era videos, when you wear epaulettes jackets and your husband a blue electric spencer.

The shop where everything is free

Siga, Siga looks like a shop like any other: its window invites to enter, we wander between the shelves ... But when it comes to finding a price, nothing. No label, no cash, no money. Here, everything is free. The concept of this shop managed by the association "The shop without money": everyone can come to serve (without paying any registration) and leave with the objects of his choice: dishes, small appliances ... And as soon as possible, we play the game and bring its objects or clothes in good condition (which do not require repair) and which we no longer useful.

33 rounds and then comes back

Have you relegated your old records and the turntable of your chain to the attic? Error ... The good old 33 rpm is back in force. A moment promised to a certain death with the advent of the CD, this beautiful object has never completely disappeared. Used by DJs, appreciated by many lovers of music for its dynamic sound, collected for its aesthetic value, he saw his sales go up little by little, as the public turned away from the CD, expensive object and without charm bundled in its hideous crystal box.

Toutous gadgets: we are taken for pigeons?

Do you know Petcube? No ? If you believe its designers, it's a device that should revolutionize the life of the happy pet owner you are. This is actually a cubic camera that you leave connected from your home. With an app on your smartphone, you can monitor your cat or dog (it's less useful when you have a goldfish), play with him (the camera is equipped with a laser pointer to distract Mirza), talk to him remotely (ideal for ridicule in public) and even take pictures of him to broadcast on social networks.

Self-service magazines

Rather than throw your magazine or end up in the fireplace, and share it with others? We already knew the spontaneous exchange between neighbors (nice). The organic chain "Bio c'bon" launches a new cooperative service: the press exchange area. In each sign, you can bring back the magazine you've already read, as long as it's finished, so as not to crumple the neighborhood kiosk ... The system works in both directions: so you can also browse through or report at home the newspapers installed on the wooden furniture set up in each of the 75 shops that account the sign across France.

The apartment of the future, ultra-comfort

How to make life easier for seniors on a daily basis and promote their autonomy? By adapting their housing. You can do this with a few simple and inexpensive tips, without the interior necessarily looking like a hospital room. The social protection group AG2R La Mondiale proposes to visit, piece by piece, a show apartment full of tips and advice to have a more comfortable, safe accommodation.

A case to pedal without falling

Smartphones can be dangerous. By car, of course, where it is strictly forbidden to use it under pain of fines and withdrawals. But also by bike. Consulting your GPS to find your way while pedaling is responsible for more than one fall. A Canadian company is preparing to market a small gadget that will allow cyclists to find their way safely.

My home, a treasure for your home

Building permit, zero-rate loan, framed rent, condominium daily ... not always easy to navigate the jungle of housing information. Especially since new measures regularly change the game. To see clearly, the Ministry of Housing, Equality of Territories and Rurality launches a new free service for individuals.

Smartflower, a giant sunflower in my garden

Not pretty solar panels on the roof? Here is a new photovoltaic system, shaped like flowers, to place in his garden. Rather design, no? Called Smartflower, this EDF ENR generator of a new kind deploys its 12 petals like a sunflower, according to the direction of the sun, to optimize its electricity production.

A second life for my toaster

For ten years, the lifespan of our vacuums, televisions and other computers has dropped dramatically from ten to six years. The planned obsolescence of our devices, where some industrialists are lowering their quality to push for redemption, is a real ecological problem. To fight against this phenomenon, manufacturers (such as Faure, Miele or Dyson) are already selling high-end machines (more expensive, necessarily), guaranteeing a longer life.

Glasses to the eye!

More than half of eyeglass wearers in France (55%) admit to leaving more than two pairs lying in their drawers, according to a survey conducted by OpinionWay for Atol Opticians. While nearly three quarters of the panel declare to have at least one unused, seniors over 65 years are the most numerous (86%) to accumulate the frames.

Give without purse loose

Uberisation affects all sectors ... the associative world included. You can now view an ad directly on your phone to fund a charity event. This is the simple principle of this new site - also available in a mobile app - called Anona. Help the victims of the earthquake in Nepal, distribute school materials to children in Kurdistan, finance the planting of a tree in Madagascar or offer games to hospitalized children in Lyon ... actions are various and varied.

A service to no longer be in the red

That the one who never had to complain about his banker sends an email to the editor! It's a safe bet that we will not fall under the messages, knowing that "more than one customer out of two does not trust his bank," says Ernst & Young. And that almost 10% do not give them any credit!

International succession: the end of the puzzle?

Each year, 450,000 international successions open in the European Union. Until now, to settle them, the notaries tear their hair. For an estate opened in the Hexagon, for example, it was intended that for movable property - bank accounts, financial investments, company securities, furniture, etc.