Listen, it's good for morale

Sometimes a good song is enough to chase blues. It's even scientifically proven. Researcher in neuroscience at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, Jacob Jolij has tried to identify what makes a melody makes us happy. As a result, it has to meet three main criteria: a tempo of at least 150 beats per minute, a range of notes in major mode and positive lyrics.

Lather your coffee, an art

A flower, a dog, a character of the Minions ... The milk coffee mousse can reveal wonders of fantasy. On the condition of mastering latte art, this art of creating works in the foam of a café au lait. And the technique is not acquired on a Monday unfortunately! To try to master the art of cappuccino like the Italian barmen, the famous baristas, we can always try to follow this online course of a French Canadian blogger (see video below).

Chantilly express: shake, it's won

Do not want to invest in a siphon? Creazy is the good idea that will simplify our life. This new concept a little crazy (but green), it is a glass jar that promises to turn the liquid cream creamy and firm chantilly, in less than a minute. How does the miracle happen? Do you wonder?

Cook with your eyes closed

Do not want to release the multi-function robot? Allergic to the dishes? Want to cook easy? We understand you. But, on the other hand, you want to eat well. We found for you the solution, in two dishes to feast without tiring. The One Pot Pasta, and basta Everything comes from a traditional recipe from Puglia, in southern Italy, where pasta and ingredients are cooked in the same pot.

Surf without wave to the soul

Surfing on a calm sea, even on a river, it is now possible, thanks to this board equipped with an electric motor, which allows to obtain the sensations of the glide without rollers. The idea is not to go against the walls of water in Hawaii or even Hossegor, but rather to walk as well in the lagoon of Venice as the Florida Everglades or Lake Geneva.

The good idea: The extra-flat gourd

We know that we must drink and re-fill all day long (water of course) but we do not necessarily spend our days near a spring, a tap or a refrigerator. So, we raise our glass and toast to the stylish and smart idea of ​​two young Australians: the MemoBottle.

A very natural hug = a tree for the planet

You have never cajoled a tree? Remedy it quickly, it's for the good cause! How to use: in the middle of nature, in your garden or in the city, choose a discreet place, stick to a tree and ... kiss it! All under the accomplice goal of a friend. The Yves Rocher Foundation, which reboises the planet (target: 50 million trees planted by the end of 2015), launched this summer operation "I love trees".

Kiwis to make you blush with pleasure

They are New Zealanders, have smooth skin and do not sting under the tongue ... No, we do not speak of All Black, rugby players famous for their manly hakas. But new kiwis. Red. Originating in China, they have been grown extensively in New Zealand. And they will land on our stalls from next year.

The ice melting is over

Savor an ice cream longer, even in hot weather ... this is the brainchild of researchers from the Scottish Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee, who seek to develop the ice cream of tomorrow. To manage the melting cones in summer and avoid the effect sticky hands and dirty t-shirts, they have integrated a protein called BsLA, which is already found in some foods.

We do not lose a drop anymore?

Who has never pissed at a bottle of ketchup that keeps its last drops for her? Even after having duly shaken and squeezed it? American scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have finally found a solution to this puzzle. They have developed a nonstick coating that scrapes the bottles to the bottom: the LiquiGlide.

Ugly foods and proud to be!

No more crime of dirty mouth! In recent months, quirky apples, poorly calibrated pears, crumbled potatoes and other products with small defects - but perfectly edible - no longer end up in the trash. They are now entitled to the shelves of our supermarkets.

The book with memories ... sound

Sound books are not just for fun! The proof with this charming book intended for grandparents. The idea: to preserve memories of his grandchildren to listen, with their innocent voices, their absurd mistakes of French and other expressions to eat. Throughout the pages, the story offers adorable recordings (20 seconds each guaranteed smile): he begins by greeting us, calls us by our nickname, then he makes a drawing that he comments, we recite a poem learned to school, humming his favorite song ... Here is a nice idea of ​​a gift (low price) to blow to the parents.

The harmonica of space

This small harmonica (finally, its reissue) returns from very far. Space more precisely ... And that's what we like. On December 16, 1965, the US space base suddenly received a strange call from the captain of the orbital mission Gemini 6: "Hello Houston, here Gemini 6, unidentified object in sight, it looks like a satellite and moves from north to south ... We will try to intercept it.

Our top 5 forbidden pleasures

Studies of our diet are raining on us like showers in March and leaves in autumn. All tastier than others. Stop, we are close to indigestion! Between the one that explains to us that the cheese is nothing less than a hard drug, as addictive as alcohol and tobacco, and the revelations of the WHO which classifies meats and red meats as carcinogenic or probably carcinogenic, one comes to think that eating exposes us to certain death.

Give us our daily wine

Drinking a glass of great wine under ideal conditions, without having to open a bottle that may not be finished, is the selling point of D-Vine, a machine that serves raw wines in individual doses like some brands of coffee in capsule. Here, nectars (high-end) are offered in glass jars that are kept for up to three years, and that the machine recognizes thanks to a chip containing all the information necessary for optimal consumption.

Completely in the moon

What if we could look at the moon without leaving her couch? These lamps of a new kind invite to the journey, with a realistic version of our satellite thanks to their craters, their games of shades and the possibilities to vary the intensity of light ... Aesthetic and poetic, they will find their place as well in the entrance with the XXL version placed on the floor, only in the bedroom or the living room, with the minimalist versions suspended.

Three trends for a gourmet winter

Oh, the eternal drama of the cooks (e) s! It's known as "What am I going to eat, I have more ideas!" While winter is synonymous with veal blanquettes, raclettes and leek-potato soups, a little change does not hurt. We offer three trends that should brighten your tables during the cold weather.

A tear of locust in your cocktail?

Insects may be the food of tomorrow. But for now, millions of people are still reluctant to eat a cricket or chocolate filled with mealworms. Now, no need to chew, insects drink! Developed by two American designers, Lucy Knops and Julia Plevin, Critter Bitters is a flavor of grilled locust, supposed to replace bitter in cocktails.

To comb his beard is not razor

It has not escaped you: in recent years, the beard is the new fashion accessory of young city dwellers, like bobo (for bourgeois bohemian, not to be confused with his cousin the bonobo, also hairy). The look, described as "hipster", is ultra sought after: sophisticated dress, vintage handbag, impeccable haircut and beard (or mustache in the case of less advantageous hair system) ... wisely capped please!