6 things guaranteed by the organic label

Do you know that buying labeled products is the certainty of benefit fromvery strict specifications? The point on the guarantees they offer you.

Organic recipes contain quality natural ingredients such as wheat flour, eggs and butter. At St-Michel, the majority are French, like wheat or eggs.

To be certified organic by the AB label, a food product must display a minimum of 95% of certified organic agricultural ingredients in its composition. On the other hand, some ingredients are of natural origin, but not organic. This is the case, for example, with salt used in St-Michel organic butter cookies. Indeed, salt being from the sea, it is not certifiable bio.

Chemical ingredients are totally banned by the AB label. As synthetic dyes, sweeteners, synthetic flavors or some preservatives ... All ingredients are missing from each of the organic recipes created by St-Michel.

Ingredients from organic farming are produced without the use of chemical substances (pesticides and chemical fertilizers, etc.). The natural alternative: the rotation of crops to prevent diseases and soil depletion or the presence of auxiliaries to fight against pests and facilitate the fertilization of cultivated plants.

The AB label ensures growing conditions with the greatest respect for people, animals and the planet. For example, planting hedgerows helps to break winds, prevent soil erosion and provide shelter for animals.

The AB label guarantees animal welfare:
- Above ground breeding is prohibited.
- All animals have access to outdoor courses and ruminants graze as soon as conditions permit.
- Each animal has a well ventilated space, light and a minimum surface, mulched inside the buildings, allowing it to move freely.
- The food of animals is obtained according to the rules of organic farming.

Thus, in Bio, hens are necessarily raised outdoors!

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