A court of helplessness for blows

Sentenced for sexual miscarriage? This is information that might be of concern to you, gentlemen. But rest assured, it was a long time ago. The information site Slate, reports that in the past, erectile dysfunction was punishable by law. And to tell the story of the Marquis de Langey, dragged in 1657 before the tribunal of impotence by his wife, frustrated not to have descendants. What she asked? Divorce, neither more nor less. The unfortunate marquis was thus subjected to all sorts of humiliating interrogations, and, failing to convince the judges, to pass before the "congress". Five matrons, five doctors and five surgeons responsible for observing the mating of the Marquise and Marquis with an obligation of result for the latter. Hello, the pressure.

Under the look of the severe assembly, it was the rout: the aristocrat was unable to hoist the flag and Madame got what she asked for. The sentence was matched for the Marquis a prohibition to remarry until the death of the opposite party. But the story ends happily. Langey finally found another woman to whom he made the trifle of six children. The judicial error established in a striking manner, the case Langey established jurisprudence and the test of the congress was suppressed to give place to a simple examination of virile parts of the accused in case of dispute.

This practice of the Ancien Regime disappeared in 1791 with the Constitution. It will still have existed for nearly two centuries. At that time, the Church considered that a man incapable of honoring his wife did not respect the sacraments of marriage and that this deception on the merchandise authorized her to ask for a divorce. Today, we would find it a little stiff ...

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