DIY: a 3D pyramid necklace

Elegant, sober and above all very simple to make, this pyramid necklace is done in three turns of hands! Follow our step-by-step video and discover the trick to reproduce this pretty model that is all the rage these days.



4 small straight tubes from Perles & Co

4 medium sized straight tubes from Perles & Co

Fishing line / nylon

2 Jewelry clips



(Click on the thumbnail for a large size preview of the final result)


Step 1

Prepare the frame of your pendant: start by placing three tubes on your worktop. With these three tubes, draw a triangle. Use a small tube for the base of it and large tubes for its sides. Then cut a length of fishing line. Do not hesitate to plan wide. Then slide your thread inside the three sections that you have previously placed on your table. The idea is to hold the shape by passing and ironing the wire through the tubes. After reproducing your triangle, knot your nylon thread. Tighten the knot, double it. Then slide the end of your thread into one of your tubes and cut it out. To solidify your knot, do not hesitate to fix it with a tip of glue.

2nd step

On your thread, thread a straight tube of small size, then a second of greater size, so as to make a new face to your pyramid. Bring it up and run the wire to the outer tube of your shape. Logically, your thread should come out at the bottom of the pyramid. Repeat for the third side, always making sure you slide the tube before the big one.

Step 3

Bring your thread back into the tube on the other side of your pyramid. Then use your last short section to close the structure. After that, pass your thread down to close the general shape. Reassemble your thread so that the nylon comes out of the top of the pyramid. Tie it tight and tighten it with jewelery tongs to close it tightly. Then double it. Use your two jewelery clips to install your fitting ring. You can cut the nylon and fix everything from a glue point: your pendant is finished! Hang it on the channel of your choice and you're done.

Author: Vincent Nahan

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