They grow a vegetable garden under the sea!

In Noli, in the north-west of Italy, diving enthusiasts test an underwater farm eight meters deep. After basil in spring, these farmers with masks and bottles started to grow tomatoes, strawberries and mushrooms. Protected against insects and temperature shocks, their installation also has the advantage of being water efficient. At eight meters deep, the sun's rays penetrate sufficiently to allow good crop growth. "I was trying to do something different and show the beauty of the ocean," the Washington Post Sergio Gamberini - in French Serge Crevette, it is not invented - the president of the company Ocean Reef, which has had the idea of ​​this project a little crazy. Beautiful, but also useful, this underwater garden, called Nemos garden, could represent solutions for the future of agriculture at a time when water promises to be one of the major issues of the 21st century. The icing on the cake, it serves as a refuge for octopus and seahorses (endangered animals) that do not seem to disrupt its smooth operation. Two benefits for the price of one.

Video: The Herb Garden Grown in an Undersea Pot (January 2020).


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