Sequin baskets, domino pebbles, pastel bowls ... Our best DIY of the summer

Summer is conducive to creativity! Between two trips to the beach and other walks in the sun, discover our selection of the best DIY of the summer to find in the slideshow for a fun holiday.

Color its interior during the summer against the gray of the return. Here is a good idea and it's good because you have time! And why not do it yourself, starting with your dining room.

Give a marine touch to your table decoration, thanks to accessories in the shape of fish. The sea will come to you at every meal!

Around the table, try the pastel colors with small original stools. They will go wonderfully with your pastel bowls for a sweet breakfast. Stay in bright colors with bells to keep your food warm or cover your cheese.

Who says sea says blue hues. A mosaic tray will perfectly complement a table decoration that smells of the sea.

Do not forget the outdoors, the good weather will be ideal for outdoor creations. Give your garden a fresh air with ethnic pots and put your children to work by building a teepee for Indian and cowboy play.

Why not let them spend an evening indoors as you quietly pass yours lit by lanterns of your own composition.

A summer to your taste in perspective!

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