June in the garden: what work to do?

Maintaining your garden is not so complicated ... As long as we do not miss the important appointments of the moment. Our detailed advice.

In June, again and again weeding!

An operation to be undertaken regularly, so that the borders remain clear. It is better not to let yourself overflow: tear off the weeds as they are, when they have not grown too much, you will avoid a laborious afternoon of work.

In June, change of season

In the same vein, remove the faded flowers of lilacs, rhododendrons ... Pull out the spring annuals that have dried, dig up the bulbs and store them in a cool place. Fold the asters and stout dahlias and perennials with great development.

In June, anticipate the fall

Yes, it is already time to plan the bloom of the season: install the crocus bulbs of autumn, crocus, cyclamen of Naples ...

In June, be pampered in the orchard

If you have planted your trees recently (in the last two years), water them often and sting your feet to keep them cool. Beware of the links of the guardians, it is necessary to loosen them as the subject grows, to preserve the bark. Also watch the crops and lighten the branches of fruiters too heavily loaded. Wrap them with a safety net to protect them from birds. In the same way, protect blackcurrants, raspberries, gooseberries ...

In June, beautiful roses

Eliminate the greedy - those stems that grow very fast and pump all the sap to the detriment of other branches - as well as the faded flowers. Watch for pest attacks and deal with them when needed. If the leaves are stained black, it is probably the marsonia, a mushroom that grows often in June, because the days are hot and the nights are cool. It causes the fall of the leaves and night bloom, but does not put in danger your rose. On the other hand, it spreads rapidly to other subjects. Collect fallen leaves, aerate your shrub, do not water the leaves and spray nettle manure preventively.

In June, a shady greenhouse

If you have one, remember to clean and air your greenhouse regularly, especially when it is hot. A shading system is welcome: if you do not want to install blinds, put a layer of white Meudon on the windows.

The saying of the month of June

"Who in June is doing well, in hot weather will not fear anything"

The star plant of the month of June: the columbine

Columbine contains hydrocyanic acid, like all plants of the Renonculaceae family, which makes it a poisonous plant. Alert children © Istock / Getty Images

Easy to grow, this perennial is beautiful with its high perched flowers with spurs. There are sixty varieties of columbine, from 20 cm to 1 m high, often with two-tone flowers and downy foliage. Rustic (it supports temperatures flirting with - 20 ° C), it enjoys cool and well-drained soils, as well as the sun. Vagabonde, she often escapes from the beds to colonize the surrounding meadows. In addition, be aware that you can grow columbines in a semi-shaded area.

The appointments of June 2018

Everywhere in France

Like every year, the first weekend of June is the date for garden appointments. Some 2,300 public and private spaces open their doors. The opportunity to discover often secret places.


In Fontaine-Chaalis (60)

From the 8th to the 10th of June, the 17th edition of the Days of the Rose will be held at the Chaalis royal abbey, with a hundred exhibitors present.



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