The artist who plays on all the boards

>>Discover his staging

Do we become less visible when we get older? Laura Hofstadter has the bitter impression of it. At 65, this American photographer has decided to humorously express how difficult it is to grow old in a society obsessed with youth. In the series of self-portraits Internships ("Steps"), she puts herself on stage to reproduce paintings of great masters. In turn "Young Girl with Pearl", Commedia dell'arte harlequin or Degas coffee singer. Through this portfolio, inspired by the works of other artists like Cindy Sherman, she questions our relationship to age and the canons of beauty. But she also wanted, more personally, to confront the image of her own body, bruised by breast cancer. As explained by this former scientific editor (among other jobs) on its website.

All his shots are gathered there and we also discover his other projects, including a black and white series just as personal on the ranch of his family in California. A way to capture the remains of some form of agriculture ...

>> Look for the mistake! Discover his more or less exact copies and the original paintings here.

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