We listen to the radio in English!

You think it's not within your reach? Rest assured, the idea is not to connect to the BBC hoping to spot a word from time to time. Once retired, we have time to learn languages ​​or to improve, but no question of inflicting a challenge worthy of a student in class prepa. However, you can spend a few minutes a day listening to EnglishWaves. This free radio broadcasts Anglo-Saxon music and especially shows in English, animated by native speakers from different countries (England, Ireland, United States, South Africa ...). Until there nothing new (nothing new), you will say. Except that these presenters, actors and journalists speak len-te-ment. And that the topics they cover mainly affect French news. Those who would like to switch to a more active learning or whose oral level would not be able to track the flow of speakers, can subscribe (from 6.95 to 19.95 euros per month). According to the formulas, it is possible to listen to recordings at an even slower rate (but without distorting the voices), to receive the transcription of the broadcasts (with explanation of difficult vocabulary and pronunciation tips), and to send questions to teachers on points of grammar or linguistics. Finally, a curiosity: those who are preparing to travel to India or China can train to the local accent by listening to the programs read, in English, by Indian and Chinese presenters. Let's try !

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Video: The Members - Radio 1982 (January 2020).


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