Homemade beauty: single-handed balm for the hands

Pods of nourishing balm in an ice cube tray, this is a smart idea to always have at hand the right dose of care. And as a bonus, you will amaze your friends. So, it's up to you to play illico hands.


- 26 g of cocoa butter

- 6 g of shea butter

- 4 g of beeswax

- 4 g of wheat germ oil

- 6 drops of lemon essential oil


1 / Melt in a bain-marie, in the same container, the 26 g of cocoa butter, the 6 g of shea butter and the 4 g of beeswax.

2 / Stir gently but regularly until a liquid and perfectly homogeneous solution is obtained.

3 / Add the 4 g of wheat germ oil while continuing to turn.

4 / Remove the container from the heat, then pour the 6 drops of lemon essential oil on the melted ingredients.

5 / Divide the preparation into the compartments of a silicone ice cube mold.

6 / Let the pods solidify before unmolding. Keep the balms dry.

The application

At least twice a day, take the time to warm up, and melt, a single dose of nourishing balm between the palms of your hands. Rub it like a soap on the back and palms. Keep a small liquefied portion to massage your nails and cuticles, and moisturize the spaces, often very dry, between each of your fingers, crossing and uncrossing several times.

The result

No more tugging on dry, damaged skin, thanks to wheat germ oil, one of the properties of which is to speed up the healing process. The nourishing quartet that it forms with beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter allows hands to regain softness and comfort. As for your nails, they will be whiter and, over applications, more resistant.

The board

Make your balm a nourishing mask. Apply a pod without completely penetrating the treatment. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, then massage again to remove the excess.

Good reading

Find more beauty recipes easy to make in Laurence Dupaquier's book, La cosmeto 'au naturel, published by Alternatives.

Author: Marina Cecchi

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