The classics by Jean Rochefort, it's ball! (video)

Madame Bovary ? "A p'tite zouz country girl not disgusting". The little Prince ? "A little keum who gets pissed off on his asteroid". Ah, he does not go four ways, Jean Rochefort, to interest young people in beautiful letters. At 85, the actor participates in a project as crazy as truculent: summarize the classics of our literature in three minutes and with the words of this generation. References to the hits of cinema and television, language tics ... everything goes. And it's delicious to hear this great man from 7e art talk of "teuch" or "teub" with his usual class. Or to see him compare the aviator of Saint-Exupéry's tale to a "Flagada Jones" who plays the "MacGyver with three matches and a PQ roll to repair his cabin".

The idea originated in the brain of two students, Quentin Leclerc and Michel Pimpant, fathers of the blog Les boloss des belles lettres (boloss being close to "naze" in the slang of the courts). After having translated a hundred or so great European novels on their site into a shortened version of the game - and then published a book - they decided to take the next step by launching this series with Jean Rochefort. A first video on Madame Bovary has accumulated more than two million views on YouTube last year. There, new episodes arrive on France 5 every Thursday at 8:35 pm, from tomorrow. And as we are generous, we offer you a preview The little Prince. It's tearing, right?

The boloss of beautiful letters


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