Knitting, crochet, sewing: all our desires for autumn

Games of volumes and cocoon materials are the main trends of this autumn. We more than ever want to wrap in a large and comfortable poncho or wrap a snood around his neck. Capes, vests, headbands, discover the flagship creations of the season!

The mesh is the thread of this autumn, the silhouettes are wrapped in cozy cocoons. We want fluffy and comforting materials. So we're looking at a bat-sleeve vest knitted in garter stitch or a mini-cape in jersey stitch that will protect our shoulders from the autumn cold. Side color, we play the card of sobriety with natural hues, shades of beige, old pink or pearl gray.

The poncho shares the spotlight with the cape, both stars of the catwalks and therefore they grab our wardrobes. Very graphic version, super simple to sew and ideal for the arrival of autumn or multicolored version with the maxi turtleneck, through the blue cape peacock Knitted Aran patterns, there is something for everyone!

This season, the snood replaces the traditional scarf. You know ? This oversized neck collar is threaded through the head and protects the neck from temperamental temperatures. Crochet at the point "pineapple", jacquard stitch or maxi knit at the point of fantasy, choose your side!

Finally, our head is adorned with headband and other knitted headbands. We wear them more as a fashion accessory than to protect themselves from the cold, this season will see a multitude of soft and fluffy accessories, like this headband crochet or wide headband decorated with pearls.

Author: Anaïs Thiébaux

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