Meghan Markle, her make-up trick to never look tired

After a series of trips to Australia, New Zealand or Fiji, the Duchess does not seem to show signs of fatigue. A make-up expert reveals her miracle trick.

As she embarks on her second trimester of pregnancy, she goes on a business trip to the Prince HarryMeghan Markle shows no sign of fatigue. Perfectly prepared for each of his performances, it would seem that the young woman of 37 years has somewhat changed his make-up routine.

According to make-up artist Francesca AbrahamovitchMeghan would have replaced his usual brown eye pencil with a miracle product: "Meghan is wearing a beige pencil inside the eye. I love this look and it's a trick I regularly apply to my clients, especially when they have had a very short night. "

Indeed, a black or brown pencil can to tire and close your eyes but also harden the features when one is a little tired. On the contrary, a beige pencil is ideal for to hide the small ones rash inside the eye and make the face look more awake. Another asset: he slightly enlarges the eyes. Be careful however to choose a beige pencil close to the natural color of his skin and not a garish white pencil that will not have a natural result.

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