We learn to dance like Francis I

The splendors of the Renaissance have always fascinated you? The Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon offers you to experience them for a night. When dancing, please! The institution hosts a ball worthy of the time this Friday, January 8, as part of the exhibition dedicated to Lyon's creativity in the sixteenth century. No need to be a pro of the German, the pavane or the volte to participate. The choreographer Denis Plassard teaches a few steps before everyone starts on the improvised track.

Fun and not stuffy for a penny: it is not necessary to dress up to take pleasure in twirling as in the time of Francis Ist and Catherine de Medici. The other good news is that there are still places on the museum site for all three sessions tonight (6:30 pm, 7:45 pm and 9 pm). And the rates are not royal: count € 5 for admission to the museum at full price, plus € 3 for the ball. This makes it possible to (re) discover the illuminated manuscripts, paintings, engraved medals and rich tapestries of the Lyon Renaissance exhibition - which will close on January 25th - after having put oneself in the leg. Then we dance ?

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Video: Francis and the Lights - May I Have This Dance feat. Chance the Rapper (December 2019).


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