Amazing: 40 fruits on a single tree!

No, this is not a joke done with much ink, this tree whose bloom is adorned with 40 shades of pink does indeed exist. Nor is it a coincidence of nature. But a work by a New York artist, son of farmer and poet. In 2008, Sam van Aken selected a plum tree of a very resistant variety, then grafted it, year after year, with grafts coming from 40 trees with stones of the same family: peaches, brugnons, nectarines, cherries, almonds , apricots ... Today, his Franken tree (a tribute to Frankenstein) is 7 years old and delight New Yorkers by its blooming spread over a month. As for its fruits, they ripen alternately throughout the summer. Through this project, van Aken wanted to make an ode to biodiversity and raise public awareness of the dangers of productive, soil-depleting monoculture and a heavy consumer of fertilizers and pesticides. The idea was so popular that 16 other American cities claimed their 40 fruit tree.

Video: This Crazy Tree Grows 40 Kinds of Fruit. National Geographic (December 2019).


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