The basics of latte art: how to draw in your café au lait?

You do not have to be an experienced barista to make a real coffee latte decorated with a pretty heart. Follow our steps step by step, and in a few tries you will master the art of latte.


What is latte art?

Surely you have already seen on the Internet or in a coffee shop a little chic, flourish these sparkling cream cafes, decorated with aerial motifs. They made the madness of social networks, and everything barista who respects himself must know how to achieve them impeccably. Heart, flower, cat or cloud, the reasons are not lacking, but their realization requires a lot of precision and thoroughness. Some of the simplest patterns can be achieved at home, provided you have the right equipment, and being prepared not to be successful at first; latte art ask for a wrist stroke ...

What machine to make a coffee latte?

You will need to be equipped with an espresso machine: those that work with capsules will be useless here. Consult our article to find the coffee machine that suits you If your machine is equipped with a steam nozzle, to foam the milk while warming it, you're ready! Let's go for a latte art session. Read also our top 5 best coffee machines.

The preparation

Your cup must be hot. Use the top of your coffee maker as a stove, or fill the cup with boiling water for 5 minutes, then empty and wipe it quickly before using.

Prepare a classic espresso, which will fill about ⅓ of the cup. Heat about 10cl of milk with the steam nozzle of your coffee machine (only available on espresso machines). It should reach 60 to 65 ° C and start to thicken slightly, like a foam.

The steps to form a milk heart in your coffee

Pour the milk into the espresso cup first, positioning yourself about 5 cm from the cup: if you pour it too high, it may completely mix with the coffee. Use a small pitcher with a spout. Try to pour the milk in the thinest possible net: no coffee latte successful without patience and meticulousness! You will have to fill the cup at one time, without interrupting your gesture.

Pour in a circular motion first, while moving closer to the cup, until it is about half full.
Continue pouring in the center, making small ripples from left to right (your wrist should only move a few millimeters!).
Finish by pouring in the center until you fill almost the entire cup. Finish your movement by pouring to the opposite side, to cross the "circle" of created cream, and create a heart shape.

Our advice? Train first without milk or coffee, simply by pouring over the cup with an empty pitcher.

Catch a failure

If you have not managed to form a heart with your milk, but you still get a "point" of cream in the center of your cup, get a needle, and use its tip to cross the round of apart. You will normally get a nice heart shape. To taste without delay!

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