How to choose oysters

They smell good sea. They treat our taste buds by their iodized taste. The oyster, we eat all year but during the holidays, they are even better. Follow the expertise of Amélie Oyster House to honor this delicate dish.

Oysters, we like or we do not like! In the first case, test our easy recipes to discover new recipes. In the second case, learn how to choose them and open them without breaking. In the starter or in the dish, let yourself be suspended the tender, creamy, sweet or juicy flesh of this mollusc.

How to choose your oysters?

First,oyster must be difficult to open, his adductor muscle has to resist, it allows to know that it is still alive. It is also possible to test the reaction of the oyster mantle with the tip of a knife. A glance at where oysters come from can also be an indicator of quality. At Amélie we offer oysters from Marennes-Oléron, with subtle aromas and coveted finesse.

How do you open an oyster?

An oyster must be opened just before consumption. It is necessary to favor a knife with short and pointed blade. The oyster in the left hand, hinge to the wrist, hollow shell in the hand. Insert the knife at the middle finger (2/3 of the shell from the hinge). Cut the muscle and pry with the blade. Detach the flesh on the upper shell. Empty the first water with broken shells debris when opening. Reposition the flesh properly.

How do you eat an oyster?

Oysters should be placed in a suitable support, such as a honeycomb plate, to prevent water loss. We must check the freshness of the oysters. If they are dry or salty, they should be removed from the tasting. Oysters should not be in contact with ice and should be kept a temperature of 5 ° C to 15 ° C.

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