30 recipes for cooking cakes at the last minute

A birthday at the last minute, a desire for sweet or an improvised lunch, we sometimes have little time to prepare a cake. So, we put on easy recipes, fast and 100% greedy!

We all know the galley cake to prepare half an hour before the arrival of the guests or the birthday party. Do not panic with these 30 easy and fast cake recipeswe prepare a delicious dessert or a birthday cake at the last minute.

Yogurt cake: the most practical cake

Classic recipe par excellence, it is the one that saves us when we have little time to prepare a cake. 1 yoghurt, 3 pots of flour, 2 jars of sugar, ½ pot of oil, 2 eggs, ½ bag of flour and you're done, you have a simple but effective yoghurt cake base. Then add chocolate chips, fruits, vanilla to customize it.
You can also separate the preparation in half and pour two teaspoons of cocoa powder into one of the preparation and then layer the preparations to create a zebra cake, not complicated and very successful!
For the most greedy, replace the yoghurt pot with a small pot of crème fraîche.

> Our super simple recipe of yoghurt cake

A crumble for easy cooking of seasonal fruits

Easy and quick to prepare the sweet crumble consists of a fruit compote on which is added a mixture of butter, sugar and flour to create a rather coarse sanding. A few minutes in the oven and voila. Then it's up to you to make your crumble with ready-made compotes, just cut seasonal fruits to which you can add some crumbled dried fruits or chocolate.

And if we tried cakes without cooking?

Lack of time does not mean lack of imagination. So not to bother with an oven to preheat then a cake to cook and cool, we opt for ready recipes without cooking. Cheesecake, fruit cake, ice cream cake, so many simple and fresh recipes, which will be quick to prepare.

You have 5 minutes more?

We put on a nice presentation to dress a simple cake. Some icing sugar, or even powdered cocoa, some food flakes or some fresh fruit will easily dress the top of your cake a little mundane. If you have a few more minutes, mix icing sugar, water and lemon juice in a bowl to create a frosting, or melt the dark, white or milk chocolate in the microwave and pour it in. on the top of the cake. Nothing really complicated.

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