50 fresh recipes for the summer, quick and easy to prepare

Hot weather alert! Forget the merguez-fries and pizzas, rely on recipes soaked in water with thirst-quenching and refreshing virtues.

We are told in a loop that it is necessary to hydrate well during hot weather. The message is gone, the bottle is at hand, but you can also hydrate with a plate full of water. And if water glasses repeatedly tend to increase the feeling of fullness, skip the meal would be a bad idea, because it would weaken the body already damaged by heat.

Follow our advice and discover our 50 easy and quick recipes to cool off when the thermometer panics.

Fresh recipes for summer: avoid fat and sugar

The heat wave can be an opportunity to reduce its consumption of junk food! In fact, fatty and / or sugary foods require the body to make more efforts to digest, and these efforts increase body temperature.

We therefore avoid burgers and cheeses, to be replaced by fresh cheeses, which are much richer in water than ripened and delicious cheeses in mixed salads.

Sodas, filled with sugar, are also to be avoided. If the pure water leaves you ice, think of the flavored water. Pieces of cucumber or watermelon infused into the decanter not only provide taste but also vitamins and minerals, just like strawberries, raspberries or melons. Some mint leaves will also give a very pleasant feeling of freshness.

If the desire for ice cream is pressing, prefer sorbets without sugar added to ice cream, especially when they are embellished with biscuits or caramel.

As for alcohol, it is imperative to forget it because it dehydrates the body. Tequila margarita is forbidden (despite all the crushed ice it contains), as well as diuretic drinks, such as tea and coffee.

Fresh recipes for summer: focus on fruits and vegetables

Rather than invest in an air conditioner, so go to the primeur! Many fruits and vegetables are full of water, they must occupy a place of choice in the menus. Among the best-endowed are the cucumber (long live the tsatsiki, as yogurt is also rich in water), tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon and melon. To give the body a little boost, also rely on foods rich in vitamin C such as peppers, strawberries and citrus fruits. The opportunity to revisit recipes in 100% vegetable version: pressed vegetable terrines, tagliatelle zucchini, tomato tartare, fruit carpaccios, not to mention the frozen soups gaspacho type.

Fresh recipes for the summer: we forget the furnaces

To avoid that cooks and cooks catch a big heat behind the stove, wait for the return of the cold to simmer the casserole for hours or worse, to turn on the oven. In hot weather, only fast cooking such as wok are tolerated! The assembly kitchen, without cooking at all, seems the most suitable. We cut and mix, so that the fish are transformed into ceviche or sashimi very fresh, the meats in tartare, they are accompanied by salads and crudités, the fries will wait well the return. Even the barbecue is to proscribe, the effect will be the same as that of the oven for the one who sticks, and the prime rib and sausages fat will increase the body temperature.

Let's rejoice, fresh cuisine often rhymes with thinness!

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