Zucchini, carrot, pepper: our easy recipes of vegetables

Grand classic pastry, the flan also comes in salty version. With zucchini, asparagus or peas, discover our best vegetable pie recipes. A simple recipe to prepare and especially to decline!

An essential Parisian specialty, the flan is a pastry that is now part of the heritage of France. Deliciously sweet with a slight aroma of vanilla, it combines the crunchiness of its dough with the creaminess of its cream. If each region of the world is now entitled to its own variant as is the case in Portugal with the Pasteis de Nata, its many variations in vegetables are just as greedy! We cook the custard with zucchini, tomatoes, peppers or asparagus for a quick and easy meal.

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Our recipes "without cream" and "without dough"

Difficult for some chefs to accept the name "salt flan"! Far from the original recipe, this version does not contain sugar and therefore, no cream. With eggs and cream or liquid, the salty recipe is similar to that of the quiche. Only difference? The dough, useless to make a flan with vegetables. To go even further, and really revisit the flan without cream, you can simply add a little cornflour in your preparation. A gluten-free alternative, to bind the ingredients together while giving a little consistency and softness to the custard.

Thermomix®, microwave or oven: cooking a vegetable flan

Like the pastry custard, the vegetable custard can be simply baked at 180 ° C (thermostat 6) for about 40 minutes after preheating for 10 minutes. Same thing with a Thermomix®. If this type of cooking robot is intuitive enough, still count a little time cooking for cooking a vegetable flan with Thermomix®. But this step is not always the simplest nor the fastest. It is therefore possible to opt for microwave cooking by placing the preparation in individual ramekins before heating for about 10 minutes at 800W.

A practical and quick recipe to prepare the day before

Subway, work, sleep: the routine often leaves room for taking the time to cook. In the spirit of Batch Cooking, you can prepare your meals in advance for the rest of the week. Everything can be done in just two hours! The vegetable blanks lend themselves very well to the game. To slide them more easily into your bento boxes, lunch boxes and other lunch boxes, opt for individual models. A simple trick that will keep longer fluffy blanks.

The recipe of zucchini flan

The zucchini is without question, the favorite vegetable of the French! Easy to cook, it fits in all recipes. Whether with vegetables from the sun or with goat cheese, zucchini is a vegetable that is easy to match with any type of flavor. Curry, coriander, mint ... For a flan with exotic notes, think of spices and aromatic herbs. In Mediterranean cuisine, we will prefer a version with basil and almonds. Finally, know that the zucchini can be sufficient to itself. The secret is simply to season well the preparation to avoid ending up with a flan a little too bland.

A salted flan with carrots

For 6. Once the carrots cut into slices and steamed, mix them with 4 eggs and 15 cl of milk and 15 cl of liquid cream. To enhance the taste, you can chive chives, parsley, basil or sage. You can also slide some bacon or a little cheese. Once this step done, pour all in a mold and cook your custard.

Summer recipe: salted flan with peppers

Sun-drenched, colorful and especially tasty, the peppers come to liven up the plates on sunny days. To change pepper simmer and make a custard for 6 people, you need 4 eggs, 15 cl of milk, 15 cl of liquid cream and 2 peppers. After removing the seeds, start by cutting the peppers into strips. In parallel, mix the rest of the ingredients with the idea of ​​seasoning with a pinch of salt and pepper. You just have to arrange the slats on the dough before baking the whole thing about twenty minutes at 180 ° C. For even more sun, vary the colors of your peppers!

The recipe of autumn vegetable flan

Pumpkin, squash, endive ... Autumn vegetables have the gift of being comforting! Better then match them with spices such as turmeric or curry or simply with seafood flavors such as smoked salmon. Ceps, chanterelles, rosés of meadows ... The real star of this season is the mushroom. Everything combines with the fragrant notes of nutmeg or other vegetables with simplicity.

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