How to challenge an automatic radar PV?

If you receive a PV after being flashed by an automatic radar, there are two ways to challenge it and so, perhaps, to avoid paying your fine.

The first way to challenge a PV received after being controlled by a radar is to simply do it by mail. If you received a notice of contravention by La Poste, you must have seen that it was accompanied by a blue "exemption request form". To challenge your PV, you must complete this form with the information and the supporting documents and documents requested. The file thus formed must then be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the public prosecutor at the police court whose address appears on the notice of contravention. The original of this notice must also be attached to the application.

If you are comfortable with online proceedings, the second way to challenge your PV is to do it online from the dispute form available on the website of the National Agency for Automated Offenses Processing. The request is made digitally by filling in his personal information and attaching the necessary documents in scanned form, including the notice of contravention or the request for exemption form.

Regardless of the method chosen (by correspondence or online), be aware that you have only 45 days from the date of sending the notice of contravention to send your request. You will also have to choose between 3 cases to justify your dispute:

  • theft, destruction, theft, assignment or sale of the vehicle,
  • loan or rental,
  • another reason.

Depending on the case, you will have to pay or not a deposit at the time of your dispute.

To support your request, you can first request a photograph of the offense that will allow you to show for example that you were not driving at the time of the flash or that it was not your vehicle. This request can be made by mail (to the Automated Traffic Offense Center, the address of which is on the notice of contravention) or online at this address.

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