Fall for our easy knitting patterns

At your needles and your balls. Pick in our easy and trendy knitting patterns. Knitting fan or just want to try to make a pretty scarf, you will find all the ideas and explanations you need in our selection. Scarf, bolero, dress ... there are knitting patterns for all tastes and all levels. Crack and knit!

The beret

Credits: Phildar

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Give pep's to your look by accessorizing your outfits with this colorful beret. Follow our explanations.

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The sweater dress

Credits: Phildar

In dress, knee length or short version for a mini or long sweater spirit, follow the instructions and knit this pretty dress created by Phildar. Wear on summer evenings or in the autumn with a nice tights.

I am knit sweater dress.

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The scarf jacket

Credits: Phildar

Warm, practical and trendy, this knit pattern created by Phildar is perfect for any season. Follow the explanations and easily knit this lovely indigo scarf jacket.

I knit the scarf jacket.

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A little scarf

Credits: Bergère de France

Fashion, feminine and always practical to avoid the chill, adopt without hesitation a knitted scarf. Supplies, used point and realization step by step, follow our explanations and fall for this knitted model from Bergère de France.

I knit the scarf.

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A fancy sweater

Credits: Phildar

We like the little fancy side of the sleeves that gives pep to our outfits. Find this model to knit.

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The long vest

Credits: Phildar

Ideal for mid-season, this long vest, in addition to being warm, is trendy with its manches sleeves and blue jean color. Follow the explanations and knit this long vest from Phildar.

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The spirit bracelet "nature"

Credits: Bergère de France

Adopt without hesitation this bracelet knit spirit "nature". Follow the explanations and easily knit this pattern. We love the buttons that give originality to this model of knitting. Our fashion tip: Wear this bracelet with a 3/4 sleeve tunic or floral dress.

I am knits the nature bracelet.

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