Do you know the story of Princess Diana's "little black dress of revenge"?

Discover the secret and sultry underwear of Lady Diana's sexy and iconic dress.

There are dresses that mark the spirits to the point of becoming iconic ... Forever engraved in the memories, they stick to the skin of the women who have coated them to leave us an imperishable image of their unique style. This is the case of the little black dress that the Princess Diana at a Gala Evening at the Serpentine in Kensington Palace Gardens.
This evening of June 29, 1994, the divine Lady Diana makes a sensation dressed like a real fatal Woman : strapless dress black revealing shoulders and décolleté raised a piece of jewelry attracting all eyes towards the sensual neck of the young woman, sublime legs barely veiled suggestive black tights, all perched on a pair ofpumps with high heels, the formal costume of the Princess takes a sexy look devilish.

But while the elegant Lady displays with panache his neckline dress Bardot, nobody suspects that his outfit was not chosen at random ... In any case, not until the local television broadcasts, the same evening of the year. summer 1994, a documentary in which her husband, Prince Charles and eldest son of the Queen of England, unveiled adulterous and passionate relationship he already has with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

A public affront Lady Di is facing with grace but also with an unsuspected revealing his curves not in the room Valentino she had chosen for the occasion but in this short dress signed by the designer Chris-tina Stam-bo-lian, which says a lot about the message she wants to give to her husband. The "Little black dress of revenge" was born and she will remain legendary ...

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