How to wear shirt dress with style

Among the basics of the wardrobe, the dress shirt arrives in a good place. An ideal clothing to wear, at the beach or in the evenings, with ease. Choose yours according to your morphology. Follow the guide.

When we are small

We forget the long dresses below the knees, on pain of packing and make you look even smaller. Choose the style liquette style with slightly split sides, this gives style and will be appreciated in case of hot weather. Matching wedge sandals to win a few precious centimeters, you're done!

On the other hand, if you are tall, you will have no worries about lengths. Everything is fine, so go for it! However, remember that after 50 years we forget the lengths above the mid-thighs, not chic enough. The accessories, meanwhile, help you enhance your outfit with style: belt, flat sandals, chic sneakers and why not a nice basket very popular this summer.

For the rounds

Do not forbid dipping necklines. Unbutton the shirt dress to highlight the birth of your chest, provided you wear a bra that holds it well! Surf the 1950s style with a knee length dress and a flared cut, which will be hemmed at the waist. If you have complexes with small wrinkles or spots on your neckline, bet on XXL jewelry to camouflage them with elegance.

And for the thinnest

It is absolutely necessary to give volume with materials that expand like fluid cottons or chambery. Also think about the shapes that perfectly structure the silhouette, like dress shirts way officers. As far as colors are concerned, you can almost afford everything, provided you stay modern and in keeping with your age. So we say yes to flower prints, vertical stripes, weights ... And we start with red, beige, yellow, orange or coral. A warning is needed, however, for too flashy tones or too bright, very risky materials spent 50 years!

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