"The Dress for Respect": this dress that detects touching done to women

To better denounce reality, the real one, Schweppes and the advertising agency Ogilvy, have developed a dress equipped with sensors capable of detecting the slightest touching, in real time.

Everything starts from an edifying observation: in Brazil, more than 86% of women * claim to be victims of harassment, especially during club outings. And not that. Festivals, concerts, evenings, there are many places and evenings where women risk totally unacceptable gestures on the part of the male. Last May, beverage giant Schweppes and advertising agency Ogilvy Brazil came up with the idea of ​​developing a connected dress capable of detecting unwanted gestures throughout an evening.
Baptized "The Dress for Respect", understand "The Dress of Respect", the project was born as part of a publicity campaign like no other. If it appeared a few months ago, thousands of miles away, it really starts to make people talk outside the borders, and to get to us, social networks force.

For the purposes of this harassment awareness spot, three women then served as "guinea pigs" in a club of Sao Paulo, the time of an evening. Dressed in THE long sleeves dress and fireplace collar to avoid being judged too "teasing", they then lent themselves to the technological experience to help see the real.
And it's cold in the back.

Verdict: In 3:47 of evening and party, the three women were affected 157 times inappropriately. More than 40 times per hour. The dress equipped with sensors has indeed made it possible to calculate the exact number of touching without consent, the intensity of these and their location. Arms, hips, back, everything goes and force is to see that it came from the hands of these gentlemen. Impossible to deny it since a control screen allowed the project team to view everything in real time. A video that the advertising agency has also taken care to see some men present during the evening, to raise awareness and make them aware of their actions - serious -.

What to stop these displaced behaviors? In any case, the giant Schweppes who wishes to position itself as the companion of good nights for all and in respect, will have marked the spirits, and hopefully allowed a real awareness.

* a study published in Think Olga.

Discover the "The Dress for Respect" ad campaign by Schweppes and Olgivy Brazil:

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