Shy'm: its physical evolution since its beginnings in images

Today jury member in the show Dance with the stars, singer Shy'm has changed since her debut. Back to the physical evolution of the small protected K.Maro since its debut in 2006.

In 2006, the tube Victory makes the singer Shy'm known to the French public. From the album My fantasies which belongs to the flagship title, that which was protected by producer K.Maro, has evolved since its inception. His assertive style and Rnb tubes bring a breath of fresh air to the musical landscape of the time. On albums To take some fresh air (2010) and Chameleon (2012), Shy'm, whose real name is Tamara, assumes mixed and very rhythmic pop music. His independent temperament asserts itself on his baptized album Solitary (2014). The release of the album is the occasion of a huge tour. In 2016, the one that is often compared to her rival Rihanna released a collector's box to celebrate her 10-year career.

While her stage name comes from the English translation of the word "shy" (shy in English), the singer turns out to be a recognized stage beast. Shy'm also reveals her talents as a dancer on the show Dance with the stars in 2011. She also won the second season of the competition unanimously, alongside Maxime Dereymez. The following year, the first channel recruited her to be part of the jury with Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Chris Marques and Jean-Marc Généreux. After two years on the jury, Shy'm returns to the studio. She will not be back on television until September 29, 2018, as a member of the jury of Dance with the stars, again.


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