Laurence Boccolini: her very touching tribute to her dead father

Laurence Boccolini lost her father 19 years ago. On the occasion of the anniversary of her death, the host of Grand Concours of the animators wanted to make him a touching tribute on Instagram.

Laurence Boccolini does not have the chance to count on her father every day. The latter died on April 23, 2000, and the former host of the Weak link still feels the pain of his absence. To pay tribute to him, Willlow's mother wanted to post a photo with an extremely moving message on her Instagram account. "19 years ago, just after kissing me and saying "get well" you're gone ... 19 years later, I can not erase this moment of my memory ... The pain takes another dimension . She is more dull and insidious. It hits you sometimes without warning a little stab ... a memory ... an image ... the smell of your perfume ... The sound of your voiceMemories that Mickaël Fakaïlo's wife will never forget.

It must be said that the 55-year-old facilitator had an incredible chance: to have had a loving and always kind father with her. "I have so much gratitude for having a dad like you, who was only kindness and generosity.Laurence Boccolini knows that it is useless to try to rewrite the past: "I keep my 'I'd like you to be here today' and my 'I need to talk to you so much'. The star of TF1 is aware: it is impossible to go back. Nothing will ever be the same again. "When you lose those who loved you so much, you always get a little cold, all the time, everywhere, even in the hottest sun" and conclude in English: "I miss you dad, always".

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