Sophie de Koh-Lanta: this painful episode that played against her during the adventure

The adventure Koh Lanta is over for Sophie. The 34-year-old mother confided her impressions to our colleagues from Téléstar and unveiled that a drama, which occurred just before the start of the shooting, had played against him.

On the island, adventurers give everything to achieve their goals and succeed in winning. That's the only thing that counts for those fighters released on a desert island. All try to forget, for a few weeks, the problems of everyday life, to stay strong and not flinch during this adventure, which they were so eager to rub. Yes, but that's it. Some pains, very sharp, are difficult to cash, especially when they occur only a few days before the departure ... This is what happened to Sophie, the 34-year-old mother. In an interview with our colleagues from Téléstar, the one that was eliminated this Friday, May 10 following the episode of "Related destinies", unveiled that she had had a very difficult separation, just before flying to Fiji.

"I had just separated from my daughter's father after seven years together. It was two weeks before the start of filming " explained the young woman. This very painful episode has also almost convinced her to throw in the towel, even before attempting the great adventure:"I even hesitated to cancel my participation and I thought I might regret it all my life.It was too good a chance to seize to prove to me what I was able to do. 'motivated in this sense'.

The kitesurfing teacher can be proud of her, because Sophie was eliminated, but only because she was in partnership with Brice, who received a majority of votes against him on the board. Anita's mother had only two votes against her ...


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