Paul (12 shots of noon): the amazing gift he received from a couple of fans

Paul thanked viewers for the gift they gave him on the set of 12 noon blows on August 6th.

In three months, Paul has become a real star. Since arriving on the plateau of 12 strokes of noonOn April 29th, the Grenoble student shines with his general knowledge. With an impressive memory, the one that Jean-Luc Reichmann calls "Wikipaul" impresses the former champions of the game show. Very touching, especially when he confided in his Asperger's syndrome, the young man attracted the public. So much so that he is now stopped in the street to sign autographs and take pictures. In addition, Paul receives many gifts from fans, on the set of the show. The champion had been upset by the present of a certain Lili, on July 18th. The girl had given her a wallet full of small gifts inside.

"She has the same syndrome as me and she follows me and I'm really happy she's here on the set to look at me"he had explained to Jean-Luc Reichmann. Tuesday, August 6, the noon master was again touched by the gift of viewers, whom he wanted to thank at the beginning of the game show. "I thank Viviane and her husband"said the champion. Before revealing the present: "It's a little word with a little keychain shaped like a magic lamp". What bring him luck in the adventure, according to Jean-Luc Reichmann. "That way we rub it, and we reach the 100 participations", did he declare. Hoping that this present brings him luck. Tuesday, August 6, he won his 99th participation with a prize pool amounting to 465.248 euros.

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