Five cute cubs born in an animal park

Barely a month old, five wolf cubs make the happiness of the visitors and the caretakers of the animal park of Sainte-Croix, in Moselle. Back to a long-awaited birth in pictures!

Born blind and deaf, five little wolf cubs have pointed the tip of their nose a few weeks ago in the animal park of Sainte-Croix, in Moselle. Three males and two females join the pack gray wolves, introduced in the park during the year 2015, for our greatest pleasure. We crack for this picture taken with the members of the animal team !

The specialist team proceeded to " chipping " babies wolves, born a month ago. This chip is the size of a grain of rice but is very important for tracking newborns. It will identify the animal and have a return throughout his life. The data will be recorded in the "national wolf file" which lists all the wolves in captivity in France. More than 600 animals are referenced.

After being expelled from French territory, the wild gray wolf of Europe is back in France since 1992. Present in the Vosges since 2011, he gradually finds a place in the French biodiversity. The Sainte-Croix Park has been home to wolves since 1986. In this area of ​​nearly 120 hectares, more than 1,500 animals from 100 species living in semi-freedom. Gray wolves, white wolves and even black wolves since 2016, Sainte-Croix Park is one of the references in Europe for the presentation of lupine species.

At the St. Croix Wildlife Park, near 300 births took place in the spring : gray cubs, American bison, fawns, baby kids, calves ... The opportunity to take a family tour for a discovery of wildlife and immersion in the world of wolves! You can even take the opportunity to test one of the eighteen unusual accommodations of the site to live a unique experience.

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In the wild, wolves are indispensable to the balance of fauna and flora:

Video: Adorable wolf cubs born at Cotswold Wildlife Park (January 2020).


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