Cat: 7 things to know about his sleep and 8 crisp pictures

He sleeps all the time? It's normal. Explanations with veterinary doctor Hélène Jacques.

16 hours nap for a cat

The cat sleeps a lot because it is a carnivorous predator. Unlike the horse, which is a prey always on the alert, he can afford to relax his vigilance. Conclusion? "An apartment cat that does not need to hunt for food, sleeps 16 hours a day on average."

And the kitten ...

The kitten sleeps 20 hours a day, and his sleep participates in the maturation of his brain: while sleeping, the various nervous circuits develop and take place. "On the other hand, up to 6 months, as growth hormone is more produced during sleep, it needs a lot of sleep to grow well."

What is the cat dreaming of?

"About 25 minutes after falling asleep, the cat goes from light sleep to REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement), at which time it can be seen flinching, moving your eyes, or breathing. irregular: it relaxes completely and probably dreams of hunting or pursuit scenes ... This cycle, which occurs more often when it feels safe, rarely lasts more than 5 minutes and repeats itself several times. "

If your cat sleeps too much or not enough

If a cat sleeps more than usual, wakes up with meowing or sleeps less than 16 hours a day, it is better to consult a veterinarian. Some depressed cats sleep too much or wake up with meowing, as if they had a nightmare ... "This psychological disorder is quite common, especially in older cats, is treated with anxiolytic treatments.If, on the contrary, a cat does not sleep enough, or it never relaxes during hyperactivity or anxiety.In this case, it is necessary to provide a behavioral therapy (with a behavioral veterinarian) and a drug treatment. "Bach flowers for animals (Elixir Stressed animals, sad ... sold in pharmacies) can also relieve a depressive state.

Ensure your cat's sleep

"The paradoxical sleep allows the animal to store in his memory the learning of the day.It is essential to his psychic balance.We know that a cat deprived of paradoxical sleep becomes more and more tired and irritable, hence the importance of not waking him at this precise moment ... "

Several beds available to your cat

You can offer a basket to your cat, but he can easily find rest areas on his own. "He can do between 15 and 20 naps a day by alternating the beds according to his needs, the important thing being to leave him the choice (in a basket of the laundry, on a shelf, the sofa ...)."

Spending the night outside can be dangerous for a cat

"Firstly, because the cat is likely to reverse his circadian rhythm by being awake all night and sleeping during the day, which considerably limits his interactions with his teachers, and secondly because cats are more exposed to the risks of accident if they are blinded by the headlights of cars that often drive faster at night. "

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