Glasses to the eye!

More than half of eyeglass wearers in France (55%) admit to leaving more than two pairs lying in their drawers, according to a survey conducted by OpinionWay for Atol Opticians. While nearly three quarters of the panel say they have at least one unused, seniors over 65 years are the most numerous (86%) to accumulate the frames. Between the evolving view, the changing tastes and the offered pairs that never really pleased us ... it's accumulating! Thus, the survey reveals that more than 100 million pairs of glasses would not be worn in the Hexagon.

However, most opticians (Atol, Krys ...) offer urns in which you can deposit your old mounts. Pharmacies, ophthalmic centers or other public places are also involved in this type of collection. Ask around or at your town hall. The glasses, collected by associations like Medico Lions Club, are reconditioned and distributed in developing countries.

So we open our eyes and search his cupboards for the good cause!

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