An online clinic to cure your plants!

Your orchid looks gray? The leaves of your tomato plant have tasks but you do not know what disease it is? Call the Plant Clinic!

This website, created by the Union of Enterprises for the Protection of Gardens and Public Spaces (UPJ), helps amateur gardeners who have problems with diseases or parasites in their garden or on their balcony.

To obtain a diagnosis of your diseased plant, nothing is simpler: choose the name of the plant from the drop-down menu and indicate the part where the symptom is located (trunk, stem, leaves ...). You are then offered several possible diagnoses with advice to treat it. The site also offers a variety of tips on gardening.

If you have a doubt about the disease or parasite, you can contact the "plant doctors" directly via a form that includes more specific questions. Do not forget to attach a photo to allow them to advise you better.

Finally, for the most connected, the service is now also available on smartphone. The "Plant Clinic" app is available for free download on the Apple Store and Play Store.

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