Like Khloé Kardashian, can we eat his placenta?

Like other celebrities, Khloe Kardashian has announced that she intends to eat her placenta after delivery. Is this practice decried by the American health authorities in France?

After Kim and Kourtney, it's the turn of another sister Kardashian to give in to the trend of placentophagia. Pregnant eight months, Khloe revealed that she would eat her placenta after the birth of her child. In capsule, in smoothie or cooked ... In the United States, this organ is consumed in various forms for some years already.

The so-called benefits of the placenta? It would help soothe the pain, fight against postpartum depression or increase the production of breast milk.

Benefits that are not scientifically proven

Yet virtues challenged by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Last July, the US government agency published a report pointing out this practice. In question ? A case of respiratory infection caused by dehydrated placenta capsules.

The CDC pointed out that scientific evidence of the benefits of placentophagia is lacking. Worse still, there is no standard for the transformation of the placenta for consumption. Moreover, "the process of encapsulation of the placenta does not per se eliminate infectious pathogens"said the government agency.

In France, keeping your placenta is illegal

If this practice is possible in the United States despite warnings, the situation is different in France. According to civil Code, "the human body, its elements and its products can not be the object of a patrimonial right"which means that a woman is not considered to own her placenta.

The Biomedicine Agency gives more details on the subject to Doctissimo:"After the birth, the placenta changes of legal nature and one applies either the texts concerning the collection for a therapeutic or scientific use, or the texts relating to the waste of activities of care. must be collected and incinerated obligatorily by the health establishment (R 1335-1 and following-decree of October 22, 2010) under penalty of penal sanction: two years of imprisonment and 75 000 euros of fine ".


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