5 good reasons to let our grandchildren revamp us!

They would see us well in jeans. Or maybe with an embroidered blouse. Ideas like that, they're full of them. Because what they want especially is to see us in adequacy with our time and therefore with them!

When we ask them to get our cardigan "blue, darling, you know, the one I put on the kitchen chair ...", they look at us scared. "Cardi-what?" Even the word seems obsolete in their eyes. Question look, they do not quite see the difference between a medieval dress and our dress of the day. We can laugh about it. But they do not like them that much.

The truth comes out of the mouths of children!

When, in an access of sincerity, our little angels exclaim "still dressed in pink Grand Ma?", Impossible to ignore their remark. Admittedly, there is no question of adopting all their colors or worse, to singer them, they do not ask us. But if our Fuchsia Pyrenees wool dressing gown makes them scream, we must be able to hear it. They dream us more modern? Let's give them that little pleasure.

We want to make their pride

We still remember their sentence: "McDo with you, you dream grandma, you do not have the look!" Now that the murderous formula is digested, let's see its positive side. If, yes, there is one. In subtext, they ask us to get closer to what is important to them. Is not it great to let us know, rather than argue false pretenses to shirk? We are proud of their franchise. Let them be proud of our outfit.

Play again and again

Let's find the pleasure of disguising ourselves with our little darlings as a ballet master. Open together our closets and explore our wardrobe. Select our most beautiful pieces. To marry them under their magic wand. And at the same time, poke a few fits of laughter before our old and other oldies. Playing with them is so delicious.

Free coaching, it does not refuse

Who does not want to be a little fashionable? If we can benefit from the advice and kindness offered free of charge to improve our appearance, in the name of what should we refuse them? Over time, we dropped a little on our bet ... It's a shame, we can admit it now that they pointed us out. Adopt a more fashionable silhouette thanks to their intervention, we take!

Cure of youth guaranteed

Discover their smile when you open the door in an outfit approved by them, observe their complicit assent, take an interest in them by understanding better what they like and what they hate ... it's good for morale! Because it's not just about trend. This awareness brings us closer to them, develops our eye and boosts our curiosity. And their makeovers are rejuvenating us in more ways than one.

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