Menopause: pass the course without worry

This is one of the essential steps in women's lives: a hormonal upheaval with various repercussions. No question of being let down.

Hot flashes

They concern three quarters of women. THM (hormonal treatment of menopause) is, in the absence of contraindications, the most effective treatment. It is prescribed at least one year after the date of the last period. If the symptoms are earlier - it happens often - there are various therapeutic strategies that the gynecologist offers alternatively: abufen, a non-hormonal drug, acthean (homeopathy) or cimipax, a herbal product. None of these options are refunded. There are also dietary supplements, usually soya: they may be contraindicated, talk to your pharmacist. In the evening, we also avoid hot drinks, alcohol, heavy meals and intensive physical activity.

When to consult? On average, hot flashes last seven years. But since, as one in five patients, these hot shots hinder or alter your sleep, it is imperative to talk about it.

Good to know : mood disorders, often associated, can strongly influence the impact of hot flashes. Then aim the complementary methods (acupuncture, sport, relaxation ...) to better accept this change.

Vaginal dryness

At menopause, maintaining relationships is important! They provide natural lubrication and promote good vaginal flexibility. Beyond pain, dryness in this area can be the bed of urinary tract infections, burns ... no question therefore to neglect the problem.

When to consult? If we have already experienced such annoyances (favorable ground), when we experience discomfort during the act and a drop in libido.

Good to know : new rings, to be placed directly in the vagina and delivering hormones for three months, have just arrived. But they are significantly more expensive than existing hormone creams (currently out of stock). Other moisturizing products - often based on hyaluronic acid - apply locally, daily, not to mention the lubricants to use in each relationship. Perineal massages or even vaginal dilators can be considered for the most severe cases. Talk to your gynecologist or a midwife.

Weight gain

Gathering pounds (about 10%), before or after menopause, is physiological: the body goes into "energy saving" mode. You need to review your diet, by reducing fast sugars and foods with high glycemic index. And also change his meal times to respect a fast of 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.

When to consult? We do not let the pounds settle because at this age, they are more difficult to dislodge. It is therefore best to anticipate this weight gain to be able to counter it.

Good to know : performing an extra hour of sport on weekends is not worth much. It is better to increase your caloric expenditure on a daily basis, for example with a minimum of 30 minutes of walking. And no way to derogate!

Thank you to Dr. Christelle Charvet, gynecologist in Lyon.

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