Freshness, audacity, voluptuousness ... 15 perfumes for Christmas

The new fragrances have everything to make us crack. Our selection of perfumes for the end of the year holidays.

The Colognes are sensual for the winterWe used to use them on sunny days to fight the heat. Renowned for their freshness, originally made from medicinal plants and alcohol, they are less heady than toilet water because they are less concentrated. In winter, we combine lightness and originality with new, infinitely sensual scents such as lHermès scarlet rhubarb water, or the perfume Basil & Neroli by Jo Malone.

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Classics reinvent themselvesFor years, you have been wearing the same fragrance. A fragrance that has become unavoidable, which you can no longer detach yourself from, but that, nevertheless, you do not feel really enough to wear it. It's time to move to a slightly different version, slightly shifted. Fall for the mythical perfume so dear to Marilyn Monroe, the N ° 5 but in purified version, The water. Found also for the greedy Miss Dior in more flowery version, Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming.

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Newborns dare originalityLess used notes and explosive associations make swinger the new olfactory compositions. And this gives birth to essences with an assertive character, which jostle the codes. Gourmet, spicy, flowery, there is really something for every taste and every desire. Fill up with spices thanks to the perfume Hyperbole of Courrèges. Dare the sparkling Iris notes with the scent Secrets of essences Accord Chic, Yves Rocher.

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