Ophtalmo: an appointment in about three months

It would be increasingly difficult to get an appointment with the ophthalmologist. The average time is 87 days with large disparities between French regions.

According to the latest barometer of the group Point Vision realized by Ifop and unveiled in the columns of the Parisian, it is necessary to be armed with patience before being able to renew his glasses of view.

5 months waiting in Brittany for an appointment

The region with the longest waiting time to get an appointment atophthalmologist is Brittany with about five months of waiting (155.92 days). Behind, is Normandy and the Center-Val de Loire with respectively 146.49 and 143.59 days of waiting.

It is better to live in Ile-de-France (45.6 days of waiting) or in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (48.21) to ensure that you are taken earlier. Disadvantage ? These specialists do not often take new patients because they are approaching retirement ...

More ophthalmologists in 2025

According to François Pelen, co-founder of the Point Vision network of ophthalmologists, the situation should improve by 2025. In fact, 150 ophthalmologists leave the university each year, three times more than before. We must wait until the old doctors retire and the young people have been trained, which takes 12 to 14 years.

- Ophtalmo: an appointment in less than 48 hours

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