GymForm'Détente, very sweet sport!

Zoom on an activity, particularly suitable for seniors, which helps maintain its shape without hurting itself.

Gain flexibility

You do not know this discipline? Far from being new though - it has existed for forty years - the GymForm'Détente mixes fitness techniques (squats, slits, sheathing ...) adapted to the elderly with body language inspired by theater or dance. The sessions are organized around different themes such as address, coordination that keep mobility and flexibility. We work concentration, in full awareness of its movements ... and its limits! The exercises are done in groups, sometimes two, hand in hand for more solidarity and also to facilitate balance. Courses evolve at the rhythm of the participants. The coach emphasizes muscular and articular work as well as breathing.

Without forcing !

For an hour, we mobilize all muscle groups, playfully, without realizing it. Here you will not be asked to perform a series of abs! We repeat a sequence of 3 or 4 simple and gentle movements. This does not mean that one does not provide effort but the goal is to preserve oneself. The facilitator also learns before starting on the small weaknesses of the moment of the participants (sciatica, shoulder pain, etc.) and adapts according to each and the age groups represented. There is also no limit as evidenced by the presence of Monique, 94, met in a Parisian course!

Let the music

No boom boom disturbs or prevents listening to instructions from the coach. The soundtrack perfectly fits the theme of the course. Each sequence is thus realized the time of a selected piece. It is sometimes associated in addition to accessories (balloons, elastics ...) to cultivate the entertaining spirit of the activity. The session, which lasts an hour, goes really fast.

Pleasure and friendliness

Each week, the registrants find their group (made up of about twenty people) in an atmosphere tinged with benevolence and friendliness. They motivate and encourage each other. This appointment becomes quickly unavoidable. And the physical benefits are felt quickly, as well as the feeling of satisfaction and self-improvement that we experience when we manage to make difficult movements!

I'm going for it ?

This is indicated if you like the friendliness of a group and if you are looking for a maintenance gym, whatever your age. Avoid if you prefer outdoor sports and looking for exercise and cardio.

Where to practice?

Some 300 associations offer GymForm'Détente classes spread throughout France. To find one near you, go to the website of the sports and cultural federation of France: and register directly with the structure that provides education. Count around 250 euros the year.

Thanks to Myriam Mesmin, GymForm'Détente Facilitator


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