Should I install an ad blocker?

Between the ads that appear without warning and the thirty-second video spots that can not be avoided, advertisements on the Internet have something to annoy the most patient Internet users. AdBlock Plus programs, which prevent these ads from appearing when surfing, have easily won the hearts of users. An Ipsos-IAB France study, published in March 2016, reveals that 30% of French people have already installed an advertising blocker on their computer.

Do we have the right to use these programs?
At the time of writing, no judgment has yet been delivered on this issue in France. Does this mean that a user using an ad blocker could one day be sued? "A priori, the question does not arise for the user, but for the editor of the ad blocker, said Emmanuel Parody, Secretary General of the Geste, the Group of editors of content and online services. user will be blocked but not legally threatened. "

Do ad blockers threaten the sustainability of sites?
"Many sites allow to view their articles for free - information sites in particular - because advertising also brings them a source of income," said Alain Bensoussan, lawyer founder of the eponymous firm specializing in digital. The risk is that without these revenues, sites will be forced to close or switch to a paid model.

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Video: How to Install and Use an Ad Blocker (January 2020).


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