Healthy snack: 12 sweet recipes with almonds

Want a sweet touch? We opt for a snack in healthy version for dessert, snack or snack after the sport. Discover our almond recipes, original and easy to prepare.

In the morning, for the break of the snack or at the end of the meal, the desire for a sweet touch is felt? Rather than throw yourself on the first packet of cakes, prefer a homemade healthy snack!

With our almond recipes, a fruit rich in fiber, we are full of energy. And we do not count their many health virtues they have, thanks to their contribution of magnesium and antioxidants they contain ...

In our selection of healthy snack, there is something for everyone: energy ball with dried fruit or dark chocolate, homemade ice cream with banana, bagels in a sweet version with slices of apples as a base, crunchy cookies ...

And in anticipation of a dip after physical activity, think of sliding delicious energy bars in your gym bag ... Nothing easier to prepare yourself!

> Find our 12 sweet recipes with almonds, for a gourmet and healthy break!

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