Stroke: the first symptoms not to be neglected

In France, 1 stroke takes place every 4 minutes. To cope with this sudden loss of brain function, it is still necessary to know the symptoms. The story of a 63-year-old American woman emphasizes the importance of learning about stroke events.

Each year, 150,000 people are affected by a stroke in France. It occurs when part of the brain is suddenly deprived of blood. A vital emergency that is not always obvious to detect.

Some signs can nevertheless give the alert, as it has been able to note Juanita Branch, an American of 63 years. While she wanted to change her profile picture on Facebook, she took some selfies and found that part of her face sagged and her mouth was writhing.

Juanita Branch, who had previously suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA), also known as "mini-stroke", immediately called for help. A reactivity that probably saved his life.

But what are the other signs not to neglect? If a deformity of the mouth and weakness of a part of the body or face are characteristic of the stroke, other symptoms can alert:

speech disorders

-a sudden loss of balance


-a loss of consciousness

-a mental confusion

-visual disturbances

Sudden and intense headaches


"Many people think that a stroke is necessarily painful, but it is not the case.When you notice these symptoms, you need to call for help"said Juanita Branch at the Macomb Daily, relayed by the Miami Herald.

And for good reason: the faster the care is taken, the greater the risk of serious sequelae. If you experience these symptoms, contact the UAS immediately (15).

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