Group purchases on the Internet, I start?

Since the beginning of the 2010s, group purchases on the Internet are on the rise! The principle is simple: sites specializing in group buying offer consumers to group together to consume less. By selling these products or services to a minimum number of Internet users, the merchant accepts a very interesting discount, sometimes up to 90%! This is a boon for consumers who benefit from very low prices, but also for traders who increase the volume of their sales. As for group buying sites, they retain a percentage of the price of products sold.

Group buying sites are numerous. You have certainly heard about Groupon, the American giant must. But there is also its competitor LivingSocial, and many other sites created in other countries. Some specialize in bulk purchasing for professionals, others focus on certain types of products. Whatever the site, the procedure to take advantage of offers at broken prices remains the same. You can visit the site looking for an offer that interests you, or subscribe to receive them. They usually indicate the description of the product or service, the normal price, the price taking into account the discount and the number of buyers to be reached to close the sale. If it is not reached, the sale will not take place.

Travel, restaurant meals, clothing, makeover session, wine ... be careful to read the details before making the payment. In particular, check coupon validity dates and delivery charges that are not usually included in the offer. Beware of coupons that are only valid for a minimum purchase (example: 100 € valid for a purchase of 300 € minimum). When you have validated your purchase and paid on the site, you get a coupon by e-mail. It includes the terms of use that may differ depending on your purchase. In some cases, it includes a code to enter on another site. In other cases, you must print the coupon to present it to the merchant.

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