The Carnival of Notting Hill is this weekend

London, the British capital, looks like a Caribbean island every year at the same time with the Notting Hill Carnival. The event will take place this year on Sunday 24th and Monday 25th August.

On a course of nearly 5 km, participants enjoy the rhythms of soca, reggae and ragga. Throughout the event, the entire Ladbroke Grove neighborhood is closed to traffic as well as two London Underground stations.

More than a hundred mobile sound systems, semi-trailers equipped with giant speakers broadcasting music, parade through the streets of the neighborhood. "Steelsbands", musicians striking on percussion instruments, are also in the procession. Participants in the procession are dressed in exotic-colored costumes and accessories.

This carnival has been held every year since 1964 and was initiated by black immigrants from the Caribbean, especially Trinidad, which explains the strong presence of soca, music originating from this region of the world.


Video: Notting Hill Carnival 2019 ft King Tubbys, Saxon, Nasty Love & Channel One (December 2019).


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