Why choose a mini PC?

Do you only use your computer to write letters, emails and surf the Internet? So why not opt ​​for the mini PC? They serve as both a tool for accessing high-speed mobile Internet and managing our everyday tasks. Point.

What is a mini PC?
A mini PC is nothing but a classic PC but more compact. We also talk about netbook today to qualify these little laptops that we can take everywhere. The idea of ​​these mini PCs? Offer the opportunity to own a cheap, mobile computer, which allows simple multimedia applications: Internet access and management of common tasks. Mini laptops usually weigh one kilo or less and have a long battery life.
The mini laptops are generally offered at a price of around 300 to 400 euros.

How to choose?
The mini PC market is flourishing, so the supply is great. Before embarking on such a purchase, it is necessary to know some major features of the mini PC to buy the one that suits you.
Mini PCs typically have three USB ports, an Ethernet port, a Wi-Fi card, a webcam, a 3G card reader, but do not have a DVD player. On the memory side, they integrate a flash memory or a hard disk. The advantage of the hard disk is its large capacity, but the flash memory has the advantage of being faster, lighter and less energy consuming.
On the operating system side, they have Windows XP or Linux. Windows XP is convenient but pays, while Linux is rather easy to access, although it can be complicated for program installations.

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