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The cow and the murderer

It is not you, O cow, who has gone mad: the madman is indeed the man. It's not your brains, whatever you say, that is dangerous: it's his brain that goes wrong. You never asked to watch the trains, astonished that we can run so fast for so little. Philosopher, you have always preferred mulling over your motto: "I fill my belly, so I am." Could you have known that bipeds, so-called intelligent, would poison your rosbeef to better defend their steak?

Hiroshima, Chernobyl, pollution of the atmosphere, scandal of tainted blood ... For some fifty years, the human species seems to have set itself as its object its own destruction and that of its environment. Fearing that progress would rise to our heads, Georges Duhamel warned us already, at the dawn of this century: "If civilization is not in the heart of man, well, it is nowhere "Let him come to life again and he will write - all at once - that things are decidedly wrong ... worse!

That said, calm down: you will not be the only one, in this case, to wear horns. Even supposing that the apocalyptic scenarios of the medical world prove to be wrong, it will still be necessary to pay the broken calves ... Who will empty the purses if the laugh cries? If the marrow has it in the bone? If, because of this epizootic, the ground beef is grilled for a long time? Who will counterbalance the incompetence of leaders that one would have willingly sent to graze, for the occasion? But the pigs pay, of course! There is no species barrier that holds there, either ...

Dictée extracted from the book "101 dictations, 2,500 difficulties explained", by Bruno Dewaele, Editions de l'Opportun (19 euros).

Results: the 5 errors explained

- who es become: the agreement of the verb is made with the antecedent of the relative, in this case the pronoun of the second person of the singular you.

- all astonished: before an adjective beginning with a vowel, the adverb all remains invariable.

- supposedly : this adjective is invariable, in gender as in number. Here being the personal pronoun, we will also avoid gratifying it with a "t"!

- Roast beef, steak: these are the only spellings recognized by the reference works.

- go up : after a verb of feeling as to fear, the subjunctive goes without saying.

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