When science presses the dream button

Will it be possible one day to dream on order? We are not there yet, but researchers in American neurobiology have found in the mouse, the "button" brain to actuate to trigger dreams. In their study, they claim to have succeeded, in a few seconds, to bring the laboratory animal into paradoxical sleep and to have it out so quickly. Paradoxical sleep is exactly where we dream, muscles paralyzed and eyes moving fast behind our closed eyelids. In order to get Mickey's cousin away in the land of dreams, the researchers introduced an ion channel into his spinal bulb - in other words, a protein surrounded by a membrane that has the characteristic of being sensitive to light: more than to activate it thanks to an optical fiber inserted into the brain.

"It was previously thought that this region of the medulla oblongata was only involved in muscle paralysis during REM sleep, and we have shown that neurons activate all aspects of sleep," said Yang Dan, a researcher at the university. from Berkeley to our confreres in the world. An additional advance in understanding the brain, which opens up interesting perspectives for researchers. Including a better knowledge of neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's, which seriously disturb the sleep of those who suffer from it.

Video: Don't Push The Wrong Button Challenge with Ryan ToysReview (January 2020).


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