I traveled with Captain train: my verdict

Book your trip to Europe with the best rail rates, the proposal has something to enjoy. We tried the experience ...

A ticket for simplicity

Take a ride on the Captain Train website is nothing exotic. We find ourselves in known terrain. It only takes a few seconds to open an account, indicating email address, name, age and possible transport card. It is also possible to record the identity of the passengers with whom one is accustomed to travel, in order to avoid seizing them with each new search. Then you just have to indicate your travel dates as well as the departure and arrival stations to start the search. At the end of this first contact, we say that it is simpler, more airy and more user-friendly than the SNCF website.

Europe on the rails

The special feature - and the highlight - of this site is to offer, without any additional cost, tickets for destinations in 19 countries (including Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Poland , Sweden ...), issued by 14 railway companies in Europe. In concrete terms, what does it change for us? First, we save time since it avoids consulting the sites of all operators. And most importantly, it saves money because Captain Train allows to associate on the same trip the best rates of each company.

Winning combinations

Nantes-Barcelona, ​​Paris-Amsterdam, Tours-Stuttgart ... we tested different destinations. In less than a minute, a generous choice of proposals is offered to us (often much higher than the answers of the site of the SNCF for an identical request) because the site multiplies the combinations (train + car, train + TGV, car + Ouigo ...). The two-column layout with cost and travel time makes it easy to choose. The most advantageous price is obvious, it appears in color.

So, does it roll?

Our verdict: this new site with impeccable ergonomics is a must when you want to travel in Europe. A good point for often competitive rates and the wealth of the offer. But beware, some trips have extended durations (because they include a party bus).

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